“At St Chad’s we grow in the light of Christ, to share his love and reflect the gospel values”

Teaching Staff

Matthew Tehan
Mr M Tehan
Head Teacher
Michelle Ashley
Mrs M Ashley
Deputy Head Teacher

Hannah Clayton

Miss H Clayton

Aislinn Turner
Miss A Turner
Year One

 Jayne Glynn 112x150

Mrs J Glynn
Year Two

Jane Ashford

Mrs J Ashford
Year Three




Miss L Ireland
Year Four

Geraldine Meehan

Ms G Meehan
Year Five

Martina Parker

Mrs M Parker
Assistant Head Teacher and Year Six




Mrs C Neilson
Year Six

Sue McCartan

Mrs S McCartan

 Siobhan Farrelly

Mrs S Farrelly

 Marcia Homer

Mrs M Homer
Teacher and SENCO Support






Mrs M Murray





Support Staff

Debbie Williams

Mrs D Williams

Josephine Azeda
Mrs J Azadeh
Child and Family Support Worker


Hayley Fox

Miss H Fox
Teaching Assistant



 Yvonne Wilkes

Miss Y Wilkes
Teaching Assistant


Theresa McCollough 112x150

Miss T McCollough
Teaching Assistant






Mrs J Reynolds
Teaching Assistant


 Julie ONeill 112x150

Mrs J O'Neill
Teaching Assistant


 Sarah Powell

Mrs S Powell
Teaching Assistant 

 Sarah Minchin 112x150

Mrs S Minchin
Teaching Assistant, SENCo & Intervention










Miss K Robinson
Business Manager

Tzion Adhanon
Mrs T Adhanom
Office Manager

Paula Taylor 112x150


Mrs P Taylor
Clerical Assistant

Eugene Morris

Mr E Morris
Building Services


Contact Details

St Chads R C Primary School
Hospital Street
B19 3XD

Phone: 0121 464 6554